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Browning Xenos Jet Feeder-Feeders-Browning-Irish Bait & Tackle

Browning Xenos Jet Feeder

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  • XENOS JET FEEDER: This feeder is a fishing accessory that every feeder angler should carry with them
  • NOZZLE BASKET: Nozzle basket with ring-shaped lead cone that is easy to crank in
  • CASTING ACCURACY: Aerodynamic shape for precise long-range fishing
  • HANGER-FREE: Open end feeder made of plastic that rises quickly from the ground

The new Xenos Jet Feeder is particularly suitable for stagnant and slow-flowing waters. Its aerodynamic shape makes it possible to safely start very precisely, even at longer distances. Due to the large flow, it is possible to crank the basket without much back pressure. Since the basket is made of plastic, it rises very quickly towards the surface of the water and thus there are far fewer hangers near the bottom of the water.