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Carp & Coarse Feed Pellets - 2mm to 8mm

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Carp and Coarse Feed Pellets 2mm to 8mm

The ultimate premium coarse feed pellet! A good quality feed pellet is a must to get the fish in your swim actively searching for food. An amino profile that boasts long range attractors, these pellets have a quick breakdown that suits pleasure and match fishing perfectly.

With sizes ranging from micro 2mm to a huge 11mm this pellet range boasts consistency in shape and size and covers every angling discipline – and will catch all fish.

All of the pellets sink straight from the bag and can be used dry, or pre-soaked for moulding around a Method feeder, packed inside an open end feeder, pellet feeder or moulded into balls for feeding in deep water.

    • Use the micro size for moulding around a Method feeder
    • Soak using 1.5 pints of water per bag
    • Chemosensory stimulation
    • 2mm to 11m size for every situation