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Drennan Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooklengths - Wide Gape

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Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in water, sinks fast and holds bottom better than monofilament.  Wide Gape 1 Metre Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooklengths are perfect for baits such as worms, sweetcorn, maggots and casters.  Fishing the hookbait a full metre from the feeder often results in more bites especially on clear rivers and stillwaters.  

8 Hooklengths per packet.  Once the coil has been unwound always stretch and smooth out the hooklength for perfect presentation.  
The Range:   
•         Size 18 To 2.6Lb (0.13Mm)
•         Size 16 To 3.3Lb (0.15Mm)
•         Size 14 To 4.4Lb (0.17Mm)
 Fluorocarbon Features: 
•         Virtually Invisible In Water.
•         Abrasion Resistant.
•         Stiffer, Straighter And Less Prone To ‘Spinning Up’ Than Mono.
 Wide Gape Hook Features: 
•         Bronze
•         Wide Crystal Bend
•         Forged
•         Chemically Etched Long Needle Point