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G Force - Reel-Fishing reel-Browning-Irish Bait & Tackle

G Force - Reel

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  • SILKY SMOOTH RUNNING: Through a balanced rotor
  • BRAKE: Very finely adjustable front brake
  • CORD LAYING: Smooth-running gearbox with clean installation, thanks to the S-curve coil lifting system
  • DURABILITY: Thanks to 6 high-quality ball bearings

A really fine roll, as if from another world! The G-Force GF not only impresses with its very modern exterior, but also convinces with hard-hitting facts: mega-robust reel construction, powerful reel spool, long-throw spool, finest micro line roller, high braking force 8 kilograms!) despite the finest brake setting, filled with 6 stainless steel ball bearings and a reliable 5.7:1 ratio. In a nutshell – the perfect companion for every modern spinning angler. Suitable for all high-tech cords and available in three popular reel sizes: 20 / 30 / 40.