Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
Gamakatsu Super G-Line-Reel Line-Galkakatsu-0.06mm (0.7kg-1.5lbs)-Irish Bait & Tackle

Gamakatsu Super G-Line

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The Gamakatsu Super G-Line is extremely supple, even straight off the spool, so you can use it with confidence right from the off. Whats more, the line has an outstanding surface texture, ensuring that it offers minimal friction and maximum abrasion resistance. One of the biggest benefits of the Gamakatsu Super G-Line is its beautiful knotting reliability. Offering you with strong knots with each tie, youll never need to worry about losing fish due to poor knot strength with the Super G-Line. This really is a line which is raising the bar for monofilament manufacturers around the globe.