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Mike the Pike Hybrid

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Besides being a natural born killer, a pike is the ultimate cannibal. A pike simply loves its brothers and sisters - as long asthey can be swallowed without suffocating! Mike the Pike is designed to be theultimate prey for those big fish trying to eliminate competition by simplyeating it.

This Westin Life-Like-Lure is an amazing down to thesmallest detail imitation of real prey. It comes with two optional eyelets. Usethe front eyelet to achieve a shallower running depth or the top eyelet for adeeper and more aggressive swimming action. The detailed pectoral and pelvicfins has a flapping action in the water and will trigger more bites. Finallythe low float buoyancy will make the lure rise slowly towards the surfaceduring a pause in retrieve. This natural looking, giving-up-all-hope actionwill help you catch more fish.

  • Lead free
  • Hook size: # 2 / #1 / # 3/0
  • Japanese stylecarbon steel hooks
  • Running depth: 1-3/ 1-3 / 2-4m
  • Slide Lock easy tochange connection
  • Life-Like-Lure
  • Optional eyeletsfor shallow or deep water use (only on 28cm)
  • Fulleyelet-to-hook wire construction