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Pike Seducer Loose Body 23cm 115G-pike lures-Dam-Pike-Irish Bait & Tackle

Pike Seducer Loose Body 23cm 115G

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When developed the EFFZETT® Pike Seducer we wanted to make a lure that could be used in just about any situation and condition. In that we succeeded. Due to its strong rolling action and the aggressively moving tail, the Pike Seducer even attracts the attention of the most passive of pike.

The extremely sharp EFFZETT® treble easily grabs hold safely and the added swivel prevents the hook from being pulled out when the fish is turning or shaking its head. The loose body version offers the angler the ultimate freedom of choice of how to rig this lure. No matter if a normal jighead, a screw-in jighead or the EFFZETT® Trolling System is used, the Pike Seducer Loose Bodies perform in every situation.