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Preston Space Saver Keepnet-Keepnet-Preston Innovations-2.5m-Irish Bait & Tackle

Preston Space Saver Keepnet

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Two brand new additions to the Space Saver range of Keep Nets for 2019  are a 2.5m Carp Mesh and a 3m Quick Dry mesh. The unique Space Saver design means you are able to fit up-to Five Space Saver Keep Nets on the front of your SeatBox when used in conjunction with a OffBox Pro SnapLok 36 Tool bar. The ultra compact design  enables easy storage of multiple nets, and with key features such as our patented FIX ANGLE, pull through handles and rod rest these nets are set to be extremely popular.

The first one in the range is a 2.5m carp mesh version features a ultra durable material making it the ideal Keep Net for use on Commercials when large bags of carp are the target. The shorter length means that the nets are ideal for the tight pegging on commercials and will not interfear when fishing close to the bank.

The second model in the range is a 3m Quick Dry version, this material is super durable and dry's extremely fast thanks to the wider mesh design.