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Sonubaits So Natural Crushed Hemp-Groundbait-Preston Innovations-Irish Bait & Tackle

Sonubaits So Natural Crushed Hemp

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With the resurgence of silverfish fishing on natural venues we took a fresh look at the market and decided to manufacture some groundbaits to suit this style of fishing all of which could be mixed straight from the bag or mixed with the others in the range to tailor a groundbait for a specific day on a specific venue.

Crushed Hemp is 100% crushed hemp seed, the perfect addition to any groundbait where you want to add hemp or texture to make it perform differently. Being quite a coarse texture, it helps groundbaits break up quicker as it doesn’t bind, so you can loosen sticky groundbaits by adding up to 50%. Unlike other crushed hemp seed we have milled it in a way which means much less bit’s float, so although it creates an active mix all the activity stays around the feeder rather than drifting off. Full of natural oils and attractants it holds fish in your swim for longer.